When Manners Trump Murder

Life in the Boomer Lane

gunIt’s a common story: Friends gather for dinner, one friend kills another, and the result is that the hostess is never thanked for all the work she spent preparing and serving the meal.

Not so in this case, according to yesterday’s Washington Post, reporting on a murder that took place on December 20, at a holiday dinner party. Frank Trujillo, a married father of two, invited Mario Perez, also a father, and his girlfriend, to dinner. According to the Washington Post, “The children played, drinks were served, and the two fathers made their way to the house’s lower level, talking about work.”

Perez drank a lot, and became verbally abusive.  Trujillo went upstairs into his bedroom, and got his gun (NRA take note: This is what makes you guys swoon and hyperventilate, one man’s right to insert a gun into whatever situation he chooses).  Perez then…

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