Friday Fictioneers: The Friendly Skies


It’s been a crazy two weeks for me! Between the traveling (I’m in Israel, visiting my daughter and grandson), holidays and blur of gratitude blog stuff, I missed last week! If any of you would still like to join the Gratitude blog party, the InLinkz will be up until January 15th. So far, 69 bloggers have joined, and it’s been so inspiring! It was also a very sad week for my family, as we had to put our 16 year old lab, Luke, down. We have been so lucky to have him so long, and the decision was agonizing. Another big distraction came when WordPress published my piece “On My Father’s Birthday, A Letter to the Man Who Killed Him.” Word Press Discover replaces Freshly Pressed. There were 35 comments in 2 minutes; my computer caught fire! Actually, I didn’t notice until another blogger messaged me and…

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