The Wisdom of the Aged

Life in the Boomer Lane

An alert reader sent Life in the Boomer Lane a link to a New York Times article titled “The Wisdom of the Aged.” Before reading it, LBL was afraid that this article, like many she had read in the past, would ask aged people to what they attributed their long lives. The answers would be things like “I eat salami every day” or “I only wear mismatched socks” or “I have never drunk alcohol, smoked cigarettes, or eaten parsley.” LBL would read these and think that what she, personally, believed that what insured a long life was good genes, a lot of luck, and not watching reruns of “My Mother the Car.”

Luckily, this article went in another direction. As the Times stated, “In New York City, the population age 85 and up has been growing at five times the rate for the city as a whole, doubling since…

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