2015 – year of continued subjugation of Indian males

The Male Factor (TMF)


For Indian men the year 2015 started with a new realization that the cabbies in India are not safe from women revelers. A cabbie told me his story with four late night party goer girls and how anyone could get false charges. The year also brought surprise from PMO, India agreeing to pay dowry on behalf of a brother who was not able to get his sister married. In this confusion of legality of dowry supported by PMOIndia, when men were thinking of asking help for paying alimony to my wife from PMO, it was then a Techie from Dwarka was murdered by his wife and media tried to show that as dowry attack on the wife by the husband and suicide of the frustrated husband. Only after the media reports were exposed I realized how adultery by wives and they denying sex to their husbands have become a common…

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