Stay home for the holidays.


December in South Africa is a lovely time of year for a number of reasons… It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s holiday time – which means it’s beach, swim, sand, sun time, it’s resting time (although no one really rests). Oh yes, and somewhere in there it’s that Christmas thing also.

cape-town-father-christmas Ho Ho Ho-ly crap, I didn’t need to see Santa’s bells.

If you are from Johannesburg, you inevitably want to migrate to the coasts to show off just exactly how little sun you get. Forcing the coastal locals to wear ultra-tinted sunglasses to prevent arc-eye from happening, because the sun reflecting off of your milky white torso and legs is blindingly dangerous! This migration results in long hours on the road, swearing at fellow Vaalies and roadworks (that never seem to end), long queues for the much needed caffeine fix, or toilet break, that ensures the safe arrival at your…

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