Meet the pioneer of India’s Men’s Rights Movement – Mr. Radhikanath Mallik

The Male Factor (TMF)

Many of us, the present Indian MRAs were merely school kids and unaware of our future ordeals when he started his struggle for truth. I used to see his name in newspapers but never took him seriously in my school days. Divorce was still a distant occurrence in our lives then so there was no need for me to be serious about his work either.

Radhikanath Mallik

If 1992 was still too early for many of us to bother, that was the time when he started his struggle. It was not like anyone else in the movement. He was the one who understood the real danger for men in Indian society due to increasing misandry.

As a student of political science and history he understood really quickly where the society was headed. He remembered the time when IPC 498a was passed by blowing up a few wife murders as a reason. The…

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