One Hot (Yoga) Mess of a Mama

Michelle R. Terry




good days~~bad days

Our lives are a ballet among contrasting landscapes and emotional highways. One moment, we are screaming down a back road in a sweet Chevelle with the windows rolled down and our hair flying everywhere. The next instant, we are pulled over getting a speeding ticket. The day is ruined. Or so we think.

Insert your life experience:

excellent job~~displacement after twenty years of service

a gorgeous new skirt~~finding it tucked into your undies midway through a staff meeting

finding the love of your life~~they find somebody else

prepping all day for a test~~you studied the wrong chapter

life is at your fingertips~~doc found a lump

The big things, the little things–they all land punches and dent our armor. As a writer, I’m a sucker for a metaphor and a ponytail yanking life lesson. Such has been the case for the last two Mondays of…

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