Panasonic Home Team: The Best Free Christmas Present for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Life in the Boomer Lane


When Life in the Boomer Lane’s Only Daughter moved to London, LBL was crushed. Then, OD got pregnant, and LBL imagined that her grandchild would grow up never knowing her. Worse, he would have an English accent and would make fun of LBL’s vaguely Philly accent.

When the baby was born, LBL decided to stop feeling sorry for herself, and, when he was two-years-old, she started to read books to him on Skype. Soon, Jonah and Ne Ne reading time became important for both of them. Jonah snuggled into his beanbag chair and Ne Ne read and showed him the book pages on the screen.  OD could go about her business elsewhere in the flat.

When Jonah’s brother Simon was born, the reading continued. OD and Family have since moved to Brooklyn, and reading time has moved with them. LBL goes to the library every week, to get new…

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