No Aamir, reaction to your comment does not prove we are intolerant

The Male Factor (TMF)

Aamir Khan IntoleranceI knew it was coming. It ought to be. Now here’s why he needed that response and I am one of those who did give him back on his remark –

  1. Aamir’s supporters say that violent / rabid remarks confirm that India is intolerant – The reason anti nationals can get away with such remarks, such hate speech against the mainstream population and the majority of people, the reason they can play around with people’s sentiment is this article. In fact, his publicity seeking stunts in all aspects are caught by people and such reaction is only to tell him, dude be in your place, we have caught your lies and fake tears.
  2. Experiences are personal and not borrowed from others – When a celebrity says he is insecure in a country and wanted to leave, that means A LOT for ordinary people. That means ordinary common men have no…

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