Half Chance

Breaking Moulds

Tonight I played a couple rounds of Settlers of Catan. There is definitely a degree of skill and strategy to the game, but a large part of it comes down to chance as well.

In the first round, I was well on my way to dominance through a sheep monopoly. As luck would have it, as soon as I built my sheep port, no sheep were rolled for the rest of the game (I’m yellow):

settlers lose

In the second round, I took a few more risks but chance was on my side this time and they paid off. I dominated the second half of the game, and even with the other players joining forces against me I couldn’t be stopped. I won in the end by gambling everything on a development card, and pulling a victory point:

settlers win

Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget how much chance factors into life. Baz Luhrmann…

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