Aamir Khan please leave this country, we have had enough of you

The Male Factor (TMF)


So Aamir you want to leave India as your wife Kiran suggested for growing intolerance in the country. Oh great Aamir, at least your wife and you have understood that it is a good time for you to leave this country.

Aamir, you mentioned that we Indians are too quick to label groups as violent. Your main objection was labeling Muslims as violent group / terrorists but you did mention about other religions as well. I remember, to a similar question someone in US replied that all world’s intelligence sources say 15-25% of global Muslim population is involved in acts of terror, that is as big as the size of population of USA. She said, that is the reason all nations in the world are behaving like this.

Well, I am not a Hindu extremist, nor I want to debunk the theory that such labeling is unfortunate and not warranted…

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