Hike: A Guest Post by Kristen Rybandt

Michelle R. Terry

In the first five minutes of our hike, we saw a dead mole, a tiny wet organ that looked like a roasted red pepper and a tree with He’s Watching scrawled across its trunk. If I hadn’t been so excited about the tuna fish sandwiches and snacks we’d brought, I would have seen them for what they were: signs. The universe was practically hissing Go back.

Hike: A Guest Post by Kristen RybandtHere’s your sign

The idea for the sandwiches and hike came to me while putting away groceries and licking the wound that I couldn’t get out for a run because of childcare duties. My seven-year-old daughter likes running in theory and for about the first two minutes, but she definitely loves exploring trails.

I discovered this earlier in fall when we went to a paved trail to walk-run, but like any good kid she wanted to take the “shortcut”, which wound around a…

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