Immortal Baba and The Mango Tree

Hasmeet Writes

She grew up in the same home where her baba (father) took his first steps. She would always sit beside her daadi (grandmother) to listen to the amusing tales of his baba‘s childhood. Once, baba saw some kids plucking mangoes from the tree at their backyard. The kids were wearing shabby, torn clothes. Baba knew that if his dad came to know about these kids, he would beat them with his big brown stick. The kids were being noisy. So baba, who was taller than those kids, climbed the mango tree himself and plucked all the mangoes that were hanging on that tree. Those kids were elated and thanked baba. Once, baba was beaten up at school for not doing his homework. His classmates made fun of the teacher who had beaten baba. But baba was considerate enough to know that this teacher was his well-wisher and…

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