One Day University: 800 Students. 70-Minute Classes. 4 Topics. 1 Amazing Experience.

Life in the Boomer Lane

origImagine a university in which classes are taught by some of the most popular and accomplished instructors from some of the most prestigous universities around the country. Imagine that, in one day, one can take advantage of subject matter covering art, law, behavioral science, and politics. Now imagine that there are no exams, no homework, no note taking and no need to hold a bucket under the head of your vomiting roommate. For Life in the Boomer Lane, this was the stuff of fantasy.

It began some months ago, when LBL was contacted by Steven Schragis, the brilliant man who started One Day University. According to the New York Times, “Schragis got the idea for One Day U when he was visiting his daughter, a freshman at Bard College. “There were about 600 to 700 parents there,” Mr. Schragis said, “and they were all thinking the same thing: ‘I…

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