What To Do When You See Your Dead Friend In The Produce Department



You go to the supermarket, to pick up a few things for dinner. You’re just passing the Gala apples and headed toward the brussel sprouts­­–– because you’re an adult, and you’ve learned to like them–– and there she is, your ex. You were close friends for ages, you thought you’d be close forever, but the friendship is dead and so is she. You may or may not know why things fell apart, but you no longer speak; emails/calls/ even hand-written cards, go unanswered. It feels like a death, and you’ve spent lots of time coming to terms with the loss. You’ve grieved the death of your friend and the friendship you shared. Yet there she is, walking right toward you, preoccupied with carrots. What do you do?

Admittedly, in my case, I have no idea what happened. I have kernels– bits and pieces of things that caused mutual pain, but…

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