Book Review – How to choose your partner by Shanti Swaroop

The Male Factor (TMF)

How to choose Mr. RightWhat is the secret of successful long lasting marriages? Is there any such formula exist in present day life of instant love and break up?

I have been trying to find out the formula of successful marriages for a few years. I have conducted surveys of successful and unsuccessful love marriages to find out if there is any secret formula that existed. One problem that I have found is that changing nature and expectations from partners very often lead to divorces. I have seen even love marriages breaking in no time and always wondered why this happens.

Shanti Swaroop in his latest work has done my job easier by bringing out the methodology to choose the right companion. His book “How to choose Mr. Right” he has discussed the factors to be considered for choosing the right person. Even though he had made it gender specific and showed men…

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