Men Say They Like Smart Women, But Science Says They’re Full of Sh*t

Life in the Boomer Lane

smart woman

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: An employer interviewed three women for a job.  One had the best education.  Another had the best experience.  A third had the best references.  Which woman did the employer hire?

Answer: The one with the biggest tits. 

Of course, had that employer been an actual person and were asked who he would hire, he would have most likely said, “the woman with the best qualifications.”

Throughout history, men have been known to misrepresent themselves, when asked about women. This has included:

“Even though her family’s kingdom and mine could, together, conquer every other kingdom in Westeros, I’m marrying her because our personalities mesh.” 

“I know she’s 20 years younger than me, but I’m dating her because our personalities mesh.”

“My not asking her out a second time had nothing to do with her weight, adult acne, or the fact that she…

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