Breaking Moulds


What do you see in this photo?

I see a field of dandelions.

Waiting patiently for their moment, to scatter, to spread, to embark on their last adventure.

So that new dandelions can start a new one.

I feel an irresistible urge to take a deep breath and set them on their journey just a little sooner.

There’s a certain pleasure in that moment when I blow them on their way. The same kind of pleasure I feel when I see a giant puddle waiting to be jumped in, or a sheet of bubble wrap waiting to be popped, or a bowl of cookie dough waiting to be squished between my fingers.

“You shouldn’t do that,” my mom told me as I blew the dandelions away. “They’ll grow everywhere!”

“But what’s wrong with that?” I asked innocently. “They’re flowers!”

“Dandelions are weeds,” my mom declared. “Everyone thinks so. And anyways, I’m allergic to them.”

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