Airports and Other “Suki Na Koto”

Breaking Moulds

What do you like? This is the Writing 101 challenge of the day, and while it may seem overly simple and almost comical to ask a fellow adult in English, in Japanese it is a very common question when you’re getting to know someone: “好きなことは何ですか?” (“Suki na koto wa nan desu ka?” or “What things do you like?”).

Part of this blog-post-a-day challenge is about getting to know each other, after all. So without further adieu, here are some of my 好きなこと (“Suki na koto” or “Things I like”).

  1. Airports. I love airports. Airports are a place where all kinds of people intersect, come and go, adventures begin and families are reunited. Airports are made for people to breeze quickly through or to spend hours upon hours in. I could spend hours upon hours in a good airport – in fact, I have been known to go to airports just to…

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