Why I Shouldn’t Do National Blog Posting Month

Breaking Moulds

Everyone makes poor life decisions. I may have made one yesterday when I committed myself to post each day in the month of November as part of “National Blog Posting Month,” or “NaBloPoMo,” or the much-easier to pronounce “NanoPoblano.” Long story short, I let a dinosaur talk me into it, against my better judgment, although I probably wanted to be talked into it. But perhaps it will end up being a very good life decision (or at least a moderately okay one). We’ll see.

Don’t let my dark clouds of gloom scare you off, though, on what should be the first optimistic, bright-eyed day of a new month. I’m all about getting the negativity out of the way up front. (Hopefully it doesn’t backfire and result in this being my first – and last – post as part of NanoPoblano). So stick with me as I exhale all the reasons this is a…

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