Sensational Expose’: Nirbhaya’s parents and Mukesh were coached by Leslie Udwin

The Male Factor (TMF)

Mukesh was coached

International journalism and film making is shamed by BBC and their criminal accomplice Leslie Udwin as the co film maker of the documentary India’s Daughter reveals that Mukesh the Delhi rapist was coached by the documentary maker Leslie to say words from her script. An aspect already brought to everyone’s notice by The Male Factor immediately after it was released. It was evident from the way script was moving and the scenes were shown –

We were first to expose India’s Daughter, here

Is BBC Storyville Video on Delhi’s rape convict scripted?

As the news above states that Leslie not only flouted all GOI rules, but also broken all trusts of all who helped them by fudging the individual opinion and forcing them to read out from a script.

While filing the complaint she said –

“Today I accuse Leslee Udwin of committing acts of cheating, criminal breach of…

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