Product Review – Nivea Men Body Deodorizer

The Male Factor (TMF)

Nivea Men Deodorizer promotional materialRecently Nivea Men has released a new body deodorizer in the market with the claim that it would fight body odor for 48 hours.

Nivea Men claim that it’s India’s first body deodorizer that uses a unique skin friendly concentrate to help fighting odor at its source.

The initial Nivea Men promotional material also claimed that one can get day long freshness in just one use because the deodorizer concentrate formula prevents formation of body odor.

This deodorizer comes in two varieties, Ice Cool and Energy. I have reviewed the variant “Ice Cool”.

IMG_20150702_000506Nivea has sent me a special pack for review as a part of a blogging campaign. Kept inside a nice and uniquely designed box that opens by pulling it from one side but do not get separated from the main casing. The color, glossy finish of the deodorizer box and its outer look gives a feeling of…

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