My Body Parts Keep Forgetting How to Do Stuff

Life in the Boomer Lane


It started when something rolled under Life in the Boomer Lane’s bureau. LBL’s brain immediately started to bend down to retrieve the errant object.  Her body did not follow. Her body stood there, while her brain imagined getting down, twisting around, and reaching. She finally decided that no item was that important, and she hoped she would remember to tell her cleaning person about the object before it got sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

It continued when LBL needed to get into the backseat of her compact, two-door car, in order to get her briefcase. She managed to get into the backseat, then couldn’t figure out how to get out. She still has no idea how she extricated herself from the backseat, but she is happy to announce that she now drives a four-door car.

Then First Grandson said, “NeNe, get down on the floor and play this game with…

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