Grammatically Yours: A Guest Post by Marissa Bergen

Michelle R. Terry

Welcome to the inaugural entry in MamaMick’s newest series highlighting talented writers. Today’s guest is the beautiful and talented, Marissa Bergen. She shares her interpretation of the love letter category below.

More to come about Marissa at the end of the post, but first a reminder of the subject:

Lil Mama’s Love LettersDo you have a love letter penned in your heart? To a child? A parent? Your adoring spouse? The one who got away? Whether it’s to someone in your life now, or someone who used to be – write to them and seal it with a kiss in this space. They never have to know…unless you want them to.


Grammatically Yours

~~By Marissa Bergen

What is this paper that I see
That is marked with my name
It’s folded up in my book bag
Like a paper airplane

Closer I inspect to find
It’s a…

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