Playboy Goes Under Cover

Life in the Boomer Lane


Playboy, the magazine that launched millions of boomer men into puberty, will, starting in March 2016, no longer show naked women in its pages. Lest this seem on par with McDonalds switching to an all-vegan menu, LBL is here to assure you that the decision will probably increase Playboy readership.

The truth is that in today’s online world, more hardcore porn can be viewed by the click of a mouse than Hugh Hefner ever dreamed possible when, in 1953, he launched the magazine that he believed would free men from the constraints of a sexually-restrictive society and allow them total freedom behind closed bathroom doors.

LBL knows of what she speaks. In her innocent surfing of photos to include with her posts, she often comes across any number of salacious representations of people doing the nasty or looking like they are awaiting the arrival of someone to do the…

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