Let’s live animated!


How cool would it be to befriend an ogre, or get irritated by a talking donkey, or remember at least 2 addresses for the rest of our lives (Oh, wait, we already do that 😉 ), or to ride around the world on a magic carpet, or travel on a ship through space to find planets, or to collect thingemabobs, or to be a lost princess, or even just a girl not fitting in with girly things, to be friends with a meerkat and warthog, to be a cocky wild stallion fighting to get home, to find a lost city, to find a GOLDEN city and pretend to be a god, to be a robot finding a way to save other robots, or another robot that is your own personal health care professional, to build a snowman, to live in the ice age, to be a celebrity in Madagascar, to…

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