Why Grey Hair is White Hot Again

Life in the Boomer Lane


Unless you have been living in Life in the Boomer Lane’s clothes-to-be-ironed bag for the last five years, you might have noticed that more and more women’s heads are turning grey. This is not because the planet is going to hell in a hand basket, but rather, because having already tried and discarded every conceivable hair color, younger women have noticed that older women look really good with grey hair. And, having noticed, they wanted in on the action.

Huffington Post credits several reasons for this phenomenon in its article, “Why Grey Hair is White Hot Again.” LBL doesn’t understand the inclusion of the word “Again” in the title, since she was never aware that grey hair was ever hot, but she will not dwell on this. Here are the reasons cited by HuffPo for the popularity of grey hair:

 1. It’s a silver medal 
According to Cindy Joseph, a…

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