Crazy Sports Fan? Who Me?

Michelle R. Terry

Sports fans.

Crazy with their antics, foam fingers, and self-imposed rituals. Some of you might think the route you drive to work on game day, or the pre-match food you eat impacts the outcome of your favorite team. I say hooey to all that!

Would you like some scrambled eggs? I make them every Friday for Dane before high school football 

When I polled my friends and family about sports rituals they follow, I received an enormous range of practices, superstitions, and hot buttons.

Um. Please don’t sit there. That’s kinda my spot to watch Royal’s baseball. Y’know. Just cuz it’s comfy. 

Also, pay no attention to the seat-back booster club chairs sitting at the 50-yard line 2.5 hours before game time. 

While I’m praying to the good Lord and asking that His will be done, my husband prescribes to a different set of commandments:

  • Reverse psychology: If you…

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