Now Ranchi husband files dowry case against wife

The Male Factor (TMF)

In a new twist in dowry cases a husband from Ranchi, India has filed a dowry harassment complaint against his wife.

Husband files dowry case against wife

This is a new twist in Indian dowry cases where it is normally seen that wife files dowry case against the husband. Even though in this case the wife has filed another dowry case against the husband in retaliation.

Recently a trend is observed in Indian marriages that wives take undue advantage of biased dowry laws and demand money from their husbands for their personal use or for their parental home. Wife asking money for her brother’s education or business or for her father’s operation is not new. Another common phenomenon is asking the husband to buy house or flat in her name. If husband already own a flat in his name, wife pressurize him to buy another bigger flat in her name. Those who budge under pressure and…

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