This Ain’t Your Mama’s Grandparents Day

Life in the Boomer Lane


With all due respect to generations of grandparents who came before, boomers are slowly making inroads on yet another sacred, Hallmark-bedazzled day.

Both of Life in the Boomer Lane’s grandmothers were long gone before LBL was born. But she had a step-grandmother. Goldie.  Goldie was one of the gentlest, softest spoken people on earth. There was no doubt that she loved LBL, her only grandchild. There was no doubt that she would have done anything to keep LBL safe and happy. But she was so passive, that often, she seemed like a spectator to her own life. Because her husband, LBL’s grandfather, forbade her to attend night school, she remained illiterate in the English language. Because her husband didn’t see the need to pay the money to renew her meds for hypertension, she died of congestive heart failure at age 73.

Had LBL used her as a model of grandparenthood…

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