Jail, Gender and Janmashtami (I)

The Male Factor (TMF)

[Starting today in the series “My Caged Life”, Tr Parthasarathy of SIF-Hyd presents his experience of jail and talks about a new initiative by his NGO.

You can share your story using ‘Contact Me’ section on this website.

Read all stories in this series – Here]

Part 1

Tr Partha“Many years ago in 2004, I found myself sitting on a hard bench in the small front room of the Women’s Police Station opposite Public Gardens, Hyderabad. There was a Brahmakumaris’ calendar hanging to a solitary nail in the wall. Some inspirational message on it said something about courage and truth, the only words that registered in my mind. My parents and my uncle sat next to me.

The woman constable asked me to enter the inner room. What followed was a whole day of blatantly repeated and improvised lies by a woman I vaguely remembered as my legally wedded wife…

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