Tackling Imperfection (and laundry): One Pile at a Time

Michelle R. Terry

“We need to spruce up our laundry routine,” utters the adoring husband. He slides a donut in under my nose and backs away before fangs appear. It’s a wise peace-offering and not the first time he has placated with carbohydrates to save himself.

“Whaddya mean?” my inner voice screams. “I can barely manage to blah, blah, blah.” Short breath. “And, I’ll have you know blah, blah, blah, blah.”

However, instead of getting my undies in a wad, I inhaled a bite of the deep-fried sugary bread and–wait for it–

“I totally agree, Honey. ”

As soon as I finished performing CPR on him, I wondered what “sprucing up the laundry routine” might mean. Now, for anyone who thinks he was using this as a metaphor for a more interesting sex life, you’re probably right. But, my brain tends to work like a man’s, so I took his words at face value…

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