Misadventures in Tennessee (Not all who wander are lost)

Michelle R. Terry

My work week may have started like yours, like many of ours do. Mine was a random Monday full of meetings and phone calls, fires to put out, and issues to manage. After a quick pack-job, I was out the door by 5 so I could reach Omaha before dark.

Little did I know that when I left the safe, home-base perimeter, that all heck would break loose. Although, I should have. The Blue Moon arrives Friday and travel in the midwest is tricky even without lunar forces messing with us.

The Tuesday Omaha visit went smooth and I left the appointment precisely at 10:00 a.m. to make a 2:20 flight in Kansas City. TSA Pre-Check is the bomb diggity (heh, heh), so I wasn’t worried about arriving an hour before scheduled take-off.

Did it make me nervous that Terminal B parking was full? Nope! I parked in terminal C…

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