Friday Fictioneers: Vodka Fog


friday-fictioneersI’m late; I’m late! It’s been a very busy week with a few big writing projects (on Huff Post, a piece about Honey Boo Boo and the welfare of children, and a piece for Mothers Day). I was also hesitant to post, because I knew I’d have guests from overseas here, and very limited time starting on Friday. I’ll do my best, but can’t promise to make all the rounds. Regardless, wishing a warm and happy Mother’s Day to all you writers who are moms in one way or another.

Giant congratulations to our fearless and tireless leader, Rochell Wisoff-Fields on the release of her book Please Say Kaddish For Me! So exciting! If you’d like to join this amazing group of writers, from all over the world, check out the details on Rochelle’s Blog, Addicted to Purple. This week’s photo prompt comes from Madison Woods.

This week, I…

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