Duck, Duck – Cat?

Michelle R. Terry

 Ducks and rows
and herding cats

Lists and notes
 and panic attacks


This week started similar to the couple before  – country music, tears, and a 5:00 a.m. trek to the airport. I was tired of the job, sick of being away from home, and worried that I had fatally wounded a friendship. Throw in a chainsaw accident (Scott) and a black eye (me) – you have duck soup and pastures full of unherded cats.

Over the weekend, I hid in the cave that was my home, turned off the phone, and binged on Season 2 of Game of Thrones.

imagesPS84EZ60 Back OFF, y’all. She’s not in the mood for company.

When I wrote this first draft on the airplane, it started with an “I’m sorry” and ended with a dramatic deletion of MamaMick. I’d already semi-boycotted Facebook, why not WordPress? I was sick of myself! In the original post, I wrote a cheesy poem (excerpt above) and sang…

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