World in your eyes

UK Parlament BuildingLondon at winter has always been associated with the fog, rain and dreary depressing weather. However, on December 1, 2010 all stereotypes were defeated. On the day of our arrival we were greeted in a beautiful sunny windless weather with temperatures around zero degrees Celsius.

We had a short trip to London this is why we did not plan the long excursions and visits to famous landmarks. Because of good weather we decided simply to walk around the city and observe the life of its inhabitants and tourists. However because London is a city-museum we could not pass famous places and tourist attractions.

London Hotels, UKWe kept in mind to find hotel in walking distance to the city centre to make our walking trips easer. The choice fell on a small hotel with a romantic name “Hotel California”, which was located near the subway station King’s Cross. It was convenient for several…

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