Equus quagga (Friday Fictioneers)

Jessie Ansons

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Image by Rochelle herself at https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/

‘Zebras’ stripes are like fingerprints. Every one is different.’

She loved animals, especially zebras. I loved listening to her talk.

We were lounging on the deck, the lines of shade from the banister settling across our backs.

After a while she said, ‘I gotta go.’

She stretched her long limbs and stood, shaking a mane of dark hair behind her.

When she walked away I saw what the afternoon of sun had done. The back of her legs and her bare shoulders were a criss-cross pattern of dark and light, unique and never to be repeated again.


Could you write 500 words once a month? On Friday 13th/Saturday 14th February, Jessie Ansons will be presenting at a free livestream at the Digital Writers Festival. Come along and hear how Jessie wrote a personal 500 word story every month for two years then discovered…

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