Guest Post: There’s No Place Like Home (Freestyle Friday)

Michelle R. Terry

Welcome to Freestyle Friday!

Today’s Feature: My friend and co-worker, Susanne Langer, graciously agreed to provide today’s magic. Her message of love and family transcends the Christmas season she describes and extends beyond our own short time on Earth.

Today’s Challenge: Susanne blogs outside the WordPress space, so please give her a warm welcome in the comments below and check out her personal blog, SusyQ’s Little Bits.Her writing is honest, sweet, funny and downright clever as she shares her close calls with Mrs. C and deals with life’s changes as a woman, daughter, wife, and mama with grace and gratitude.


There’s No Place Like Home

by: Susanne Langer

Isn’t it strange how something that seems so normal or routine can provoke such emotion and/or transport you back to a place in time? Back to a memory that seems like it was yesterday but really it was…

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