Much Appreciated: On Blogging, Freshly Pressed, Huffington Post, Publishing and Digging In.



As many bloggers take a break for the holidays, I wondered about how to keep up with family and holiday happenings, and still keep up with writing. Taking a break is tempting, but then I realized that there are older posts that could use a fresh look. I had planned to reblog a post from October 2013, called Much Appreciated: I’d Like To Thank the Academy and Tons of Other People, but upon reading it again, I realized that a lot of the info there was dated. Before I knew it, I’d written a new post!

My readership has jumped from about 500 when I posted that old one, to just over 5,000 now, but there’s a lot in that older post that bears repeating. Several readers have recently asked me about why I always say: “much appreciated.” Others have asked about the Huffington Post gig (how it…

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