I’ve Become That Middle-Aged Woman… Who Uses Baby Talk With Her Dogs


They are adorable, even in blurry photos They are adorable, even in blurry photos

The other day I was playing with my dogs in the kitchen. Gracie is a 9 lb Chiweenie (chihuahua-mini dachshund mix) and Luke, is a 70 lb yellow lab who is 15 1/2. Admittedly, I look forward to seeing them each morning. It’s possible that I really love the way they dance at the sight of me, and race over to kiss me. Is there something wrong with enjoying their adoration and the fact that two people dogs are so happy to see me every day? Since my two eldest kids graduated college and left for parts far away, it’s only me, my husband and our youngest son, Little Man.  However, he graduated high school in June and between his job and classes at the community college, he’s barely around.

So maybe the dogs have moved up in my affections. Maybe I spend…

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