The Israeli Synagogue Attack- Let’s Talk Truth.


Warning: graphic image included in this post. 

Grief so deep... Grief so deep…

Today, as I do every Tuesday, I was sitting with a man who is dying.

Each week I volunteer at Hospice House, and I have had the honor (and it is truly, the greatest honor) of sitting with several people just before they die… a few, on their last day of life. Today I was sitting with a wonderful gentleman who accepts that his cancer is “everywhere,” and he doesn’t want to go through any more treatment. He’s an incredible man: wise, charming, funny and sharp. He likes me, and I like him, so I make extra time for him each time I’m there. I’m not sure which one of us gets more out of this arrangement; I know it means the world to me… this sacred time we share.

Today, however, was different. As I was standing there…

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