Yeah, Yeah, I’m a Bad Blog Buddy… But Hear Me Out.


If you’re not a blogger, you may find this behind-the-scenes ditty interesting. Or not. Each link in here will take you to a wonderful world of reading and/or images. Take a trip down the rabbit hole; you’ll thank me later.  If you’re a blogger, you may find yourself nodding your head as you read. I know I’m not the only Bad Blogging Buddy (Yo! Shout out to the BBBs in the house!), or possibly tisk-tisk’ing because you’re a great blog buddy. I can only own my own shit. And yes, this is one mother f’ing long post. I know.  It should be 500 words or less, but I can’t own my shit in that many words. (*You may want to bring some food and water though).  So here goes…

When I started blogging it never occurred to me that I would meet people on-line, or that I might like some…

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