Sometimes The Bucket List Delivers A Bonus… When Bloggers Meet.


I’m not generally a New Year’s resolution gal, but this year I made three resolutions:  1) to either get my novel published, or self-publish it  2) To own my game, and bring it, and  3) to meet some other bloggers face to face.  Call it a Bucket List of things I wanted to accomplish in 2014. To update you:  #1 is a lot harder than I thought (but I’m on it); #2 I’m working on, and #3 is paying off. I plan to attend the BlogHer convention in California in mid-July (a week after I get back from Scandinavia) and hope to meet a few of all y’all there. Note: sitting in North Carolina, I’m still enjoying a few of those fun local terms.If you’re attending BlogHer too, please leave a shout out in the comments and let’s plan to have a drink later this summer.

However, I couldn’t wait for July…

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