The Prosecution Rests… The Polls are Open


prompted-buttonOk  folks, the polls are open!  There are some great stories this week, but only one story can win. I hope to win your vote with my story: The Prosecution Rests.

The prompt this time is:  write a scene in which a child must confront a wrong-doing adult.  Stories must not exceed 500 words. Mine is 493. If you like it, I hope you’ll vote for it.  It only takes a minute; there’s no registering, or hoops to jump through. Simply visit Tipsy Lit, click on the story you like, and hit vote.  Voila!  Your time is appreciated; thanks!

The Prosecution Rests

Lizzie eyed her mother skeptically. She recognized the signs; the evidence was clear.

“You know, Mom, my teacher says that smoking is bad for you. Did you know it can kill you?”

Jennifer cleared her throat and avoided her nine-year old daughter’s serious expression.


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