On The Fear Of Becoming a NEET

Breaking Moulds

Dear Ms. Weibelzahl, 

Excuse the abruptness of this correspondence. I’ve heard all about you and your upcoming move to Ottawa. As it so happens, my organization is based in Ottawa, and we are in need of someone with your qualifications and experience. I have already reviewed your profile on LinkedIn, and believe that you would be a perfect fit with our organization. We can offer you a competitive salary with benefits, travel perks, and even assist in your relocation across the planet. If this offer interests you, please contact me at your earliest convenience and we can discuss the details of creating a position tailored to suit your skills and aspirations. 

Sincerely, Boss of A Super Awesome Place To Work

The letter is fake, of course. A figment of my frantic imagination, attempting to stave off the nagging fear of the veiled future, taunting my hopefulness, mocking my tentatively confident optimism. Now mere…

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