Mysteries of the Mind

She's A Maineiac

MindPower One Direction Auto-Piloting : the spacey state of mind while driving a car when you suddenly realize —  you’re driving a car!

Followed by the realization you have no idea where you’re going and have zero recollection of where your mind was the last 10 miles of driving.

Or why you were crying while singing at the top of your lungs to the latest One Direction song.


[Warning! sometimes followed by severe self-loathing which leads to more auto-piloting and/or voluntarily crashing head-on into a telephone pole.]

General Vocabulary Meltdown Disorder: the temporary unsettling feeling that washes over your brain when the word you know is spelled correctly still looks plain weird.

Example: the word ‘weird’.

See also: the words ‘word‘ and ‘the‘. Also, the words ‘see’, ‘also’ and ‘example’.

The Ferris Bueller Effect: the fact that watching a movie ‘live’ on cable television in the middle of a lazy Saturday afternoon is…

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