Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective


Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring has sprung. There are tulip and daffodil tips up all over, and the crocus are just beautiful! Soon it will be time for the Skagit valley Tulip Festival… an annual collective orgasm of beauty, in our spectacular corner of the world.

Last week, while out for a walk with a friend, I photographed a clump of crocus, lit by the sun, and especially gorgeous. As I leaned down, with my iPhone (I’ve gotten so lazy about taking my Nikon along!), there was a bee in the center of one of the flowers. When I zoomed in and cropped this photo, it captured perfectly the intoxication that bee probably felt… totally immersed in a pollen bath, and a celebration of spring!  I could spend hours watching bees collect pollen. It’s always a pure dose of happy.

photo 1


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