Self-Esteem, the Bitch Who Rides Me.


Self-esteem’s a bitch. A whore who sleeps with everyone– seduces and charms, but chooses favorites. If she loves you, you bathe in the luxury of her love; you sleep well and wake feeling strong and beautiful.  Those who she shines favorably on don’t necessarily notice their good fortune. Like a well-loved child takes approval and love for granted, those who bask in the warmth, take social ease and confidence for granted. If you’ve got good self-esteem, you probably don’t really understand those of us who don’t.  If you are not wrapped in her love, self-esteem is a bitch who laughs as you chase her, as you beg to be noticed, as you work at fixing it, while sending anxious prayers up to a seemingly empty sky.

Armed with strong self-esteem, a person does not constantly fear that they have angered someone, said the wrong thing, done the wrong thing……

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