When There’s a Fight on the Playground…


Everyone picks a side… and roots for whoever they think will win.

Note:   If you are not a blogger, skip this post. It will mean very little to you, and you don’t need the drama or the doodoo that has come from all of this. I’m serious. Just move on, and I’ll post something for everyone, later. Even if you are a blogger, some of this may be a mystery. I won’t help you there. I won’t put links to other posts regarding this, and I won’t use full names or tags to the players. I will share one link only.  This entire post started out as a response to a post by the blogger El Guapo (his blog is “Guapola,” and that was the one link to other bloggers). I assume by his name he is very handsome. I haven’t seen his picture. I have crossed paths with…

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