30 People a Day Think I’m Having An Affair With President Obama


Ok, technically this should have been a reblog, but I just had to use that title! Admit it; it’s a doozy! But it’s true. I wrote this post in October 2012, just before the election. It was a fun post to write and I figured a few people would get a chuckle. But lo and behold, it has been a consistent (read: daily) source of hits/reads from my archives, and in the past three weeks it’s been jumping up in numbers.
Apparently, quite a few people believe that the President is having an affair, and when they Google that, I’m the in the top 5 responses they get. So, as Little Man chuckled last night, “Gee Mom, a lot of people think you’re having an affair with the President!”  I laughed. I ate another piece of chocolate before bed (it helps you sleep, and burns calories while you sleep-…

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